FIAV works together with local and federal governments, manufactures, exporters, retailers and other organisations to building up better charnels to promote your products, to collecting and share industry information and resources.


  • Promoting Victorian manufactured food products. Creating consumer awareness of local produced products.
  • Supporting and facilitating members potential development and opportunities and delivering solutions.
  • Boosting exporting and importing opportunities.
  • Supporting¬†cooperation and networking within the food industry in Victoria.
  • Liaise between organisations, producers, retailers, investors and other parties.
  • Building up a strong supply chain and establishing a strong link between retailers and distributors.
  • Organise events and networking.
  • Providing industry training.
  • Finding investment.
  • Collecting and sharing industry resource.
  • Facilitating members to reduce their costs and increase profitability.
  • Refer specialist, legal and other food specialists.
  • Represent our member attending food trade shows.
  • Products development and innovation.
  • Developing distribution channels in Australian and overseas.
  • Establishing brand and marketing strategies.
  • Exporting, custom clearance and logistic services.
  • Exporting products to China and other country.
  • Establishing supply and distribution chain.
  • Equipment purchase.
  • Design and packaging.